Bullying and school inadaptation from a social welfare perspective


  • Gabriela Lemnaru Moromete Independent Researcher
  • Laura Rodica Giurgiu Ovidius University of Constanta, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences


adolescence, school inadequacy, bullying


This paper highlights the theme of bullying and school maladaptation in adolescents, from a social welfare perspective. Bullying is a phenomenon that in recent years has become more and more common in the schools from our country. This reality pushes us toward new research, which aims to identify the underlying factors of this phenomenon, and last but not least, to identify strategies to fight it. Studies have shown that every individual, regardless of color, religion, environement and gender may be vulnerable to becoming a witness or a victim of bullying in school context. When we refer to school maladaptation of teenagers, it is generally how they adapt to the school requirements, to what extent is their level of intellectual and emotional development appropriate to achieving academic performance.




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