Re-profiling the personal brand and self-promotion strategy


  • Lucia Bitca Drd. social psychology, Republic of Moldova


personal branding, self promotion, impression management, self presentation, professional identity.


In a world where informational content flows faster than ever, and where perceptions and attitudes are made and undone based on the most insignificant details, a deliberately built and structured personal brand helps achieve the recognition and success you want faster and Easier. If in the past having a personal brand was optional, today, in most fields, it is a differentiator. There are many people who are extremely good at what they do, good professionals, but who fail to reach their potential because the image that others have of them does not live up to their own worth. The image we have, the skills we have acquired and the reputation convey to those around us a story, a personal story. With the help of a brand we can influence the way people perceive us, we can create an image, a prestige with which we can influence potential customers, business partners and direct interlocutors. How we choose to share our story is up to us personally.




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