The Romanian undergraduate students’ perspective on the project-based learning


  • Diana-Rodica Munteanu Ovidius University of Constanta, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
  • Mariana-Geanina Zaharia Independent Researcher


project-based learning (PBL), projects, students’ point of view.


Carrying out projects in school can benefit all students, regardless of age, gender, education or sex. Moreover, PBL can enhance the benefits of a project by making students be responsible for their own learning and solving relatable problems of their everyday life. We conducted a survey to find out students’ perspective on carrying out projects and in addition implementing PBL in our university, to see if they would find the method appealing and if they would be motivated to try PBL in their future classes. The finds are, in fact, similar to the theory on PBL, but, also, through the students' answers, the difficulties involving the application of PBL in Romanian higher education were identified.




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Munteanu, D.-R., & Zaharia, M.-G. (2023). The Romanian undergraduate students’ perspective on the project-based learning. The „Black Sea” Journal of Psychology, 14(1), 45–52. Retrieved from